Great Awakening Mug - Made in the USA

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Every coffee drinker knows the importance of your daily Great Awakening. That moment when rich, flavorful coffee starts activating enhanced focus and mental clarity for you to conquer the day. This American-made mug is the perfect vessel to accompany that sacred morning ritual.

The Great Awakening is also happening within America. Our nation is on the brink of a tremendous breakthrough. Lies are being exposed, darkness is coming to light, and truths are being revealed.

This is a watershed moment for America. It's time to stand strong as patriots and not lose hope. Do not weaken, do not fear, and do not be anxious for anything. 

Stay the course and drink good coffee. We'll see you on the other side, patriots!


  • This handsome mug is high quality and heavy-duty.
  • Holds 15oz. of the best coffee you've ever had.
  • Proudly made in the USA!

    When you choose to shop with us, you are getting great coffee and gear from freedom-loving, Patriotic Americans just like you. Most U.S. coffee importers are very woke and view our world and America very differently from you and us. They often support lobbyists who work against our fundamental freedoms, life of the unborn, etc. No matter whose name is on a bag of coffee, most coffee comes through one of those major importers. Well, we bypass the import chain by buying and importing our coffee directly from the farmers. So, from the farmer to your cup, your coffee has been in the hands of God-fearing, freedom-loving, Patriotic Americans! Bottoms Up!