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Check out these podcasts with our partners! Click on the podcast logo to listen. 

December 6, 2018- Mike returns to The Affiliated Outdoors to talk about the 2018 hunting season for the Hunter's Blend Coffee family.

December 3, 2018- Great blog post about Holiday Health with Hunter's Blend Coffee.

September 13, 2018- Mike's interview on the Hunt Fish Journal Podcast.

August 27, 2018- Paul's interview on Petersen's Bowhunting Radio. 

Pertersen's Bowhunting Radio


August 9, 2018- Mike's interview on The Affiliated Outdoors Podcast.



July 23, 2018- Mike's interview on the Up North Journal Podcast.


July 6, 2018- Paul and Mike's interview on Working Class Bowhunter.


April 22, 2018- Paul's interview on Big Buck Registry.


April 11, 2018- Mike's interview on Whitetail Rendezvous.


March 28, 2018- Paul's interview on Sportsmen's Nation podcast (click the logo to listen):