Hunter's Blend Coffee Founders (Mike, Paul, and Ken)

We're Mike, Paul, and Ken and we love being in the great outdoors! We're brothers-in-law who have great admiration and respect for both hunting and coffee. In fact, we believe coffee makes the hunting world go 'round.

In the early 2000's, Paul and his wife Grace started buying & importing coffee directly from farmers with the mission of helping the farmers help themselves. The coffee is shipped directly to the warehouse/roastery in central Ohio. Through this trade model, they have seen hundreds of jobs created and people lifted out of poverty. 

Ken, Mike, and Paul teamed up to bring a special blend of Nicaraguan and Thai coffee to the hunting community so that you can know your favorite hunting fuel is doing good in coffee growing communities and the hunting world. 

Ken Beachy lives with his wife Twila near Iowa City, IA. Pictured here with his recent New Mexico bull, and his 2017 Iowa Buck.

Mike Swartzentruber lives near Columbus, OH with his wife Melanie. Pictured here with his recent central Ohio buck.
Paul Kurtz with his Ohio buck and Quebec black bear.
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