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Premium Coffee for Freedom-Loving Americans

Many coffee importers view the world very differently than you do and would support lobbyists that fight against 2A, Hunting, and our God-given freedoms. No matter where you buy your coffee, or who roasts it, someone had to import the green coffee beans. Well, we are the buyer, importer, and roaster. So from the farmer to your mug, you can feel confident that your morning coffee has been safely in the hands of patriots.

The Coffee Apostle

Taste the Difference

Roasting the Best

We import the top 6% of the coffee produced in the world. Who would've thought a few hunters from Ohio would be sourcing and roasting some of the best coffee you've ever had.

Let's Brew

Stop Drinking Crappy Coffee

"Great coffee! They are knowledgeable hunters that produce quality coffee and information for hunters."

Jerry Everhart

"It's tough to find coffee that doesn't have a bitter finish these days. Absolutely no bitterness with Hunters Blend. We really enjoy both the light and dark roasts. Great coffee from a great company!"

Brandon Baudhuin

"Great tasting coffee!! I am a coffee junkie and am usually pretty picky about my coffee. I don’t put any fufu stuff in my cup to spruce it up I like a good cup of black coffee and this stuff is legit. Its smooth and has a nice bold flavor. Hunters Blend is my new Go To."

Kayli Postolese

"Great tasting coffee. Beautiful wonderful aroma. Great people, great company, love that they're hunters and make coffee for hunters."

Jeff Welch

Coffee With Purpose

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